Objet Produit (The Produced Object)

'Objet Produit' consists of 11 objects illustrated 20 times each, under a strict system of hand-rendered replication. The 220 piece collection explores issues of ownership, non-mechanical construction and human error.

The series was created for Fabrica's 'Objet Préféré' exhibition, the result of a workshop at Grand-Hornu in Belgium, September 2010. The exhibition consists of works that represent personal stories relating to the favourite objects of Grand-Hornu staff.

For 'Objet Produit', photographs of selected belongings became source material for an assembly-line method of visual reproduction, in a process designed to reflect Grand-Hornu's history as a manual labour intensive factory in the 1800's. A strict production schedule was adhered to: one collection (20 frames) per single working day (9 am – 7 pm), consecutive days until completion.

Each object is illustrated faithfully to the supplied photograph (frame 01) and traced as accurately as possible without reference to the original photograph. Frame 01 is discarded, the copy (frame 02) becoming the new template, which is traced and in turn discarded also. This cycle is repeated 19 times. 

Finally, each print is given a name, to signify its status as a belonging by a multitude of owners.

Pen. 297 x 420 mm.
Client: Grand-Hornu
Studio: Fabrica