Colour Bird Friend

An alternate series of audio alerts for the iPhone that use the English language to explore and play with our learned connection between word, sound and meaning. 

A byproduct of smartphone use is a Pavlovian response to the device's sound and corresponding function. Hearing a particular alert instantly triggers a response to address the activated communication, whether it be a phone call or new e-mail.

Routinely changing alert tones can temporarily offset this effect until a new pattern of Pavlovian conditioning is re-learnt – but what happens if we introduce sounds that are already preloaded with meaning? What if the alerts are words?

Watch the video below to see it in action.





To install on your iPhone:

1. Download the sound files.
2. Unzip and open in iTunes.
3. Sync your iPhone with iTunes.
4. In your iTunes library, open the Tones playlist and drag the new alert tones into your iPhone Tones playlist.
5. On your iPhone, go to Settings, then Sounds and select sounds as labelled.